Description of the standard symbols:

1. “Lock screen” button
2. Displays the function or cycle in progress
3.Returns to the home page
4. Displays all the functions
5. Displays the time
6. Displays the date (day/month/year)
7. Defrost cycle
8. Displays useful information related to the cycle
9. If flashing, displays the current alarms
10. Access to all the functions and settings of the blast chiller
11. Returns to the previous page


There are 2 operating modes:

1)FULL MODE version (72 cycles)
2)EASY MODE version

With full mode graphic display we can select a total of 72 cycles divided by categories:
-- 24 Blast chilling cycles
-- 24 Freezing cycles
-- 24 Customised cycles

To use the blast chiller Easy Mode, it is necessary to enable the operation in the "OPERATOR PARAMETERS" menu.